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“We are proudly 100% South Australian built, owned and operated. Violi & Co. Solutions has been providing IT Business Solutions to all industries and businesses since 2017.

It started out like any other success story; I was asked by family and friends to create websites for their local businesses. I found that the more I agreed to help the greater the need of my services became. So after developing a large clientele I decided to make the plunge. In April 2017 Violi & Co. Solutions was born.

Since that day we have continued growing at a rapid rate. We have added in different services such as Social Media Management and in house Graphic Design and we are not stopping there. I feel that every day we are taking steps in the right direction. My staff are fantastic, dedicate and committed to doing what it takes – which I praise them for all the time.

My initial goal was to help the family and friends but after seeing the results, growth and gratitude that our customers have given us in such a short period of time. Now we are aiming for something greater. Our mission is to design, develop and execute the best IT Business Solutions needed for our clients businesses with the latest technologies; but also create great relationships with people in the process.”

Frank Violi

Director of Violi & Co. Solutions

Our services

SEO Coverage

We use a measurable, repeatable process that sends signals to search engines that indicate your website content is worth displaying on Google.

Graphic Design

We can design graphic media, such as logo’s, in order to personalise your business and your website.

Social Media Management

We streamline the process of Social Media Advertising, while helping to prevent businesses from alienating their valuable followers.

Web Design

When we design your website we can cover all aspects, including the layout of the website, the content production, the graphic design, and more.

IT Solutions

We offer services to see problems successfully solved in complicated situations.

Business Analytics

We will investigate the past performance of your business to gain insight in order to assist your future business planning

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Completed Projects

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